Advice for Booking a Local Mobile Disco

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Booking a Mobile Disco

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Advice for Booking a Local DJ

Booking a DJ needn't be a daunting prospect. Our tips below give a guideline to what you should expect and questions to ask of your DJ.

Insist on your booking being confirmed in writing and both parties signing the form. Check the day, date, timings and service are as you agreed. Always read the DJ's terms and conditions.

Mobile Disco Entertainment with AMPdjCheck with your venue that sufficient time has been allowed for your DJ to set up before your event and pack away at the end. Also ask your DJ how long he requires. Set up times vary from DJ to DJ, often depending on the services you have booked and the amount of equipment your DJ is supplying.

For deposits, booking fees and any advance payments, ensure you have a receipt.

Read the small print of your venue contract carefully. Many insist that your DJ has PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and all of their equipment has PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Certificates (see below).

Ask your DJ if they carry back up equipment.

Ask your DJ what would happen if they were unable to attend your function. Many DJs operate in a network of local DJs who they are able to call on in cases of crisis.

AMPdj members bring the music to youTell your DJ what atmosphere you want to create at your party, the type of music you and your guests like and the age of your guests. The more information you give your DJ, the better the party will be.

Prices vary greatly between individual companies - it is recommended that your final decision is influenced more by the service provided and it being compatible with your requirements, than price alone.

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What these terms mean ...

Below are explanations of some unfamiliar terms that you may come across on websites:

  • PLI - Public Liability Insurance

    If someone should sustain an injury as a result of the DJ or his equipment, he has the means to deal with the situation rather than you being liable. PLI may also cover damage to the venue caused by the DJ or his equipment.
  • (All our AMPdj™ members who will respond to your enquiry for a DJ will have £10m PLI cover as standard).
  • PAT - Portable Appliance Test

    is an annual test of any portable electrical equipment (including cables). It checks for safety at the time of the test.
  • Produb - is a  licence

    purchased by the DJ giving him permission to 'format shift' music. DJs working from computer having ripped their music from CD need this licence.
  • AMPdj - The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs

    is the largest national organisation for mobile DJs. All members have £10million Public Liability Insurance.
  • NADJ (National Association of Disc Jockeys)

    NADJ is an association which accepts all calibre of DJs from the hobbyist to the more experienced - all members have £10 million PLI. (not to be confused with NDJA - a recent addition of which we have no further information)
  • SEDA (South Eastern Discotheque Association)

    SEDA is a local association for DJs based in Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas. It accepts all calibre of DJs from the hobbyist to the more experienced.
  • The Alliance of Musicians & Performers

    is a national organisation for live bands, musicians & singers. All members have £10m Public Liability Insurance.
  • DJ Marks or Accreditations

    Many of these are non regulated systems, privately set up by individuals. Whilst some are credible, others are not and caution needs to be exercised.

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