How Much does it Cost to have a Party?

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Planning a Party

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How Much Does a Party Cost?

Setting a budget for your party at the outset with detailed costs will allow you to ensure that everything is included. Here's what you need to consider:

  • Venue

    Your choice of venue will be determined by availability for your date, your budget and the size of the accommodation for the number of guests you want to invite. Hotels tend to assist you with the finer details of planning, whereas with village halls and sports clubs, you hire the venue only and the rest is up to you. If considering a marquee in your garden, be aware of costs for furniture, flooring, lighting, heating, toilet facilities and wet weather provision such as walkways leading into the marquee.
  • Food & Drink

    Some venues will supply these for you and detailed costs will be provided by them. If you choose to self-cater then, as well as the food, you need to budget for plates, cutlery etc (these can be hired). If you are going to run your own bar then negotiate for sale or return. Some suppliers will also hire out glasses for you.
  • Decoration

    You can transform any venue with some carefully choosen decor. This doesn't have to break the bank either. Things to consider are balloons, table cloths, banners, table centre pieces and wall coverings.
  • Entertainment

    Great music can make your party DJs vary greatly in the services that they offer and their area of expertise. If your guests are going to be aged 9 months to 90, ensure that your DJ is used to catering for this vast age range. Likewise, if you were envisaging a particular genre being played, look for a DJ who specialises in this area. Some DJs offer additional services in addition to playing the music such as video screens, party games and karaoke. You can receive FREE  quotes from our members by clicking here.

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  • Other costs

    Include here invitations, transport (hire of coach if required), refundable deposits (for hire of equipment).

Planning Your Party

  • Choose your date.
  • Timings. Before deciding on your timings, check with the venue. Your finish time will be determined by the length of their music licence and other restrictions (such as if they are in a residential area). Your start time needs to take into consideration allowing time to decorate the venue and time for your entertainment provider to set up.
  • Choose your entertainment. More information is also provided here
  • Invitations. Once your venue and entertainment has been booked, its time to organise your invitations. Remember to include the full address of the venue including post code (as many people rely on Satellite Navigation systems these days). Always include a date for replies.

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